How To Give Thanks For Your Husband

Prayer Project – Part 3

Cape Town Skype

Skyping from Cape Town – Notice: No mullet… this will be important in a minute

For the past couple of days Jim Bob has been telling you about his time in Africa and what the Lord impressed upon him while He was there. I thought that today would be a good time to let you in on a little secret:
I got a little jealous of his time away from home! Really, I did!

Jim Bob was gone for 12 days, and with 4 children, homeschooling, and just simply trying to get a shower, I got a little snarky at the thought of him being half a world away getting to explore a different continent. I know… What was I thinking? It wasn’t all glamour for him, although he did have a good time.

Proper Amount of Mullet

A little humor for your day
Taken by one of JB’s SharePoint compatriots from the UK who was also in Cape Town.

It truly was a lot of hard work on his part.

It’s really difficult to be excited for others when we are in the trenches, isn’t it?

The Lord convicted me of my attitude and helped me remember that I had been praying for Jim Bob and this was part of God’s answer. I should be excited and do everything I can to make things at home great and keep Jim Bob at peace on that side of things so he could focus his undivided attention on the folks there in Africa.

From that point forward and for the rest of his trip, I focused on praying for him the three things I had prayed all along, with the addition of praying for his safety and success at the SharePoint events.

I prayed for people I knew I’d probably never meet. I prayed for them to take what was starting at these events and make it their own, and that it would bring miracles in each and every one of their lives.

Jim Bob at SPSNairobi

Praying for Jim Bob and people I may never meet (Same trip – no mullet!)

In return I was so blessed to hear all the stories Jim Bob would tell me when we could Skype or talk on Facebook or email. What’s more is that I would get to hear more once he returned home.

But wait! Wasn’t this post supposed to be about how to give thanks for your husband?


You see,  it was in the praying and coming alongside my husband in his purpose in Africa, that I lived thankfulness and respect much louder than my words could have. Jim Bob told me when he got home just how much it meant to him knowing that things were under control at home. It was also in the doing of what the Lord had for me during Jim Bob’s time away, that I showed thanks to Him for hearing my prayers.

Do you ever do this? Do you ever lose sight of what you’ve prayed for and become blind to God’s perfect answers? We can so easily get lost in our day-to-day struggles that we lose sight of what the Lord wants and what He is doing.

Keeping our eyes focused on Christ—rather than all of the trees in our little forests—makes all the difference.

It is the difference between being me-focused and God-focused.

I don’t want to keep you reading today. I would rather you go spend time with your family on Thanksgiving. But I want you to know that we share this story from our hearts in hopes that it will be an encouragement to you to live thankfulness rather than simply saying it. 

It makes a difference to your husband, and to Jesus.

Happy Thanksgiving……… Now go live it!

PS: Come back tomorrow for the next installment of this series, in which Jim Bob shares the rest of his Africa story.

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