Just Checking In and Pondering Something…

Pondering Something

I had all sorts of plans for what I was going to post this week and, well… it didn’t happen. Life happened instead, which is great!

We’ve been very busy this week: Jim Bob with work, and I with getting our house ready for the every six-months rental inspection by our property management company (ugh!). Yes, we rent.

We chose to rent when we moved to Virginia from Texas because we wanted to make sure of the area and get ourselves righted after such a big cross-country move before we decided to plunk money down to buy. Anyone else ever done this?

Rental Décor

Renting makes me a little crazy sometimes because I cannot decorate this house the way I’d really like to…

I LOVE decorating/DIY projects. I go to sleep at night with Décor Fairies dancing in my head. Really, I do. It’s my way of counting sheep. It brings me that much joy!

So many projects I’d like to do, but so many restrictions on what I can do to someone else’s home.

And the weather has also been rather restrictive of late. This Polar Vortex thing is not my friend when it comes to opening up my garage and painting/refinishing a piece of furniture! Our temps for the next 10 days barely make it out of the freezing range, and more snow is on the way tomorrow.

icy twig

This Texas girl is thinking it’s time for spring already!

Since spring won’t arrive here for another couple of months, I’m itching for a home decor project—or six—to freshen the place up.

There is this chair in my living room that’s calling my name…

Here’s Where You Come In

So, I’ve been pondering whether or not my readers would be interested in a slipcover tutorial as I freshen up that chair with a pretty new cover.

Swivel Rocker Recliner Slipcover

A slipcover I made for a friend last year… a rocking, swivel, recliner

Part of the struggle I’ve been having is that I really want to make this blog into a truly helpful ministry for marriages and families. We have a burden for godly marriages, since we have been through so much in ours and God has been so generous in showering us with His lovingkindness and grace to heal all wounds and help us see a better way—His way.

Because of this, I tend to err toward the serious on this blog because there are so many hurting marriages out there.

But a part of marriage that also needs attention is the keeping of the home for God’s glory.

I would like to blend marriage and family posts with cooking, dancing together in our kitchen, parenting, AND home decor projects, home-organization, hospitality, and the like.

It’s an opportunity for me to let you know a little bit more about this side of me that really “makes me tick,” so to speak.

Just as marriage is a passion for us, home decor and DIY projects really rev me up as well.

Why? Because I am created in the image of my Creator – God. When I decorate or create something new out of an old piece of furniture, or sew a slipcover, or paint artwork for my walls, I can feel God’s pleasure. I feel His joy in His creation.

I and my Creator are one in the creative process. It allows me a small glimpse into the incredible goodness He saw after He created the world. It allows me to fathom in another small way, my fathomless God. I understand just a little more His love for me – His beloved creation. And this makes it all worth the trouble.

There, now you know my heart on the matter.

So now you have an important role to play. I want to know:

Would y’all be interested in this? Would you be interested in seeing more of what I do to bring out the glory of our Creator’s love in my home so you may be inspired to minister to your marriage and family by doing the same?

Leave me  your thoughts in the comment section below. I promise I will read them!


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8 thoughts on “Just Checking In and Pondering Something…

  1. Amy Leigh

    I would love so much to hear about how you did this amazing slipcover!! I just did one for my sofa and now want to tackle two recliners!! 🙂
    Please share how you did this!! THANK YOU!

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  3. Amy Joe Post author

    Alrighty, Beckye, you’ve got it! I took measurements on the chair last night. This is going to be MUCH easier than my friend’s chair since this one doesn’t rock, swivel, or recline! It’s about as straight-forward as it gets in slipcovering… And I can’t wait to make this chair look like I know it can, rather than looking like a pitiful cast-off!

  4. Amy Joe Post author

    Oh Jennifer, skipping straight to spring sounds just wonderful… I’m SO ready! Thanks for responding, too. Guess I better get to work!

  5. Jennifer

    Absolutely!! I would love it as well. And I feel your pain with the temps…and wanting to freshen up…totally understand that! I’m for skipping spring and heading straight to summer! 🙂

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